Pixels Pedals and Poodle

Photographer on a bike, his dog and their photography and plane spotting adventure around Singapore.

“It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.”Heinz Stücke
“A dog is a great thing for a kid to have. It’s like a bicycle but with emotions.”Trevor Noah

Plane Spotting Qantas VH-OQJ by Pixels Pedals and Poodle 20230224
24 February 2023. Plane spotting Qantas Airbus A380-842 Reg. VH-OQJ flight no. QF2 approaching Changi Airport Singapore from London.

Hey hey! Woof woof!

We are the plane spotter duo and also location scouting duo who love cycling to places to watch aeroplanes arriving or taking off and/or to find new locations for outdoor photoshoot.

Or very often, just to ride, chill and to have fun!

We don’t always take photos when we go out cycling, but when we do, we do it ourselves. All photos below were self-shot with my camera on tripod running on timer or triggered by a remote app on my phone. The tripod is small and light enough that I can easily sling it across my back while the camera and lens are inside the camera bag fitted on the front carrier block of the bike.

And the poodle … he sit on a pet seat called buddyrider that is secured to the seat post. His name is Snoopy, my Chief Happiness Woofficer.

Oh and lastly when we go for plane spotting, we usually go to Changi Beach Park, East Coast Park (area G), or Changi Business Park. You can read the complete information about the locations here on spotterguide website.

A photographer and his dog sitting on a pet seat on the bike

We are grateful you have found our page and hopefully these inspire you to do something fun with your family too. This page will be updated regularly with latest photos from our adventure together. Any question, send us a message! Happy to chat. Till then, happy cycling, plane spotting or anything fun you love doing.

Sunset dog photography at Singapore park
11 May 2023. Our self portrait before we cycled back home. The sun had just gone down below the horizon when we shot this.
Plane Spotting FedEx N603FE by Hendra Lauw 20230511
11 May 2023. Racing with FedEx FX5311 from Tokyo Narita. That’s their McDonnell Douglas MD-11F aircraft registered as N603FE. For safety reason, I didn’t want to do this with Snoopy. He was somewhere on the grass watching me. I also removed the pet seat first.
A cycling photographer and his dog watching sunset at East Coast Park
9 May 2023. We’re back at East Coast Park, cycling under lovely late afternoon weather. There were some nice warm colours in the horizon as the sun was setting. We stopped at one of my favourite pit stops at area G.
Plane Spotting Singapore Airlines 9V-SKT approaching Changi Airport from London on May the 4th 2023
4 May 2023. Yes! May the 4th Be With You, Star Wars fans. This is one shot and nothing was added in photoshop. Me flying on my bike and the Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 9V-SKT arriving from London in the early morning just slightly after sunrise were all taken as one shot. My camera was triggered by the remote app on my phone in my right hand. For your safety, do not do this pose if you are not sure you can pull it off safely. You may hurt your back. Every time I want to do this flying pose, I always lower the seat post until both my feet can touch the ground completely and my knees are bent. And I won’t do this with Snoopy.
A cyclist and his poodle on a bike at dusk
3 May 2023. The sun had just gone down below the horizon and we were on our way home when I saw the waxing gibbous moon not too high up in the sky yet. Nice textures on the sky because of those clouds. I chose not to do a double-exposure like the one below so I could get the moon where it was. Not too clear unfortunately but I like the mood of this photo of us. Very serene.
Plane spotter - Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 9V-SKQ approaching Changi Airport at dusk
2 May 2023. Four days to full moon. This is an in-camera double-exposure shot comprising of two images. I took the first image of us and the Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 registered as 9V-SKQ arriving from Hong Kong by triggering my camera with the remote app in my left hand (hidden behind Snoopy), and then repositioned the camera and recomposed to take the second image of the moon. The camera’s multiple exposure function did the rest to combine the two images.
A Photographer and his dog on a bike in the park of Singapore
1 May 2023. The weather has been quite hot and humid lately, but we had nice late afternoon breeze today.
Outdoor dog photography in the park of Singapore
1 May 2023. I like how Snoopy moved his head a little to the side as if he was checking something out.
Plane spotter - Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747 9V-SFK approaching Changi Airport at dusk
1 May 2023. We were cycling back home when I saw the waxing gibbous moon up in the sky in front of us. I stopped our bike and got off to check the FlightRadar24 app to see if there would be a plane coming soon. Singapore Airlines Cargo’s Boeing 747 registered as 9V-SFK from Sharjah would be, so we waited for a short while. This is an in-camera double-exposure shot comprising of two images. I first took the photo of the plane and then turned around to recompose to take the image of the moon. Cameras with multiple exposure function will do the rest to combine the two images into one.
Plane Spotting FedEx N609FE by Pixels Pedals and Poodle 20230419
19 April 2023. Plane spotting FedEx McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Reg. N609FE flight FX5311 approaching Changi Airport Singapore from Tokyo Narita.
Plane Spotting SIA 9V-SKN by Pixels Pedals and Poodle 20230419
19 April 2023. Plane spotting Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-841 Reg. 9V-SKN flight SQ893 arriving from Hong Kong during the blue hour.
Cycling photographer and his poodle

We have been coming to this spot many times for plane spotting or just to chill, but did not explore this angle before. The tree to our left has been leafless for the past couple of weeks, botak tree as we like to call it. The background wouldn’t be so nice otherwise. But we will try to shoot this angle again next time when the leaves are back and will compare.

Poodle in the park
19 April 2023. Always a good boi! Snoopy waiting patiently as I was setting up the tripod and camera. Can you see him?
Plane Spotting United Airlines N15969 approaching Changi Airport from San Francisco
“Daddyyy, helppp!!!” A little too close for Snoopy. 😀 16 April 2023. Plane spotting United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Reg. N15969 flight no. UA29 approaching Singapore’s Changi Airport from San Francisco.
Plane Spotting SIA Cargo 9V-SFM by Pixels Pedals and Poodle 20230416
16 April 2023. Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-412F(SCD) Reg. 9V-SFM flight no. SQ7293 arriving from Melbourne at dusk.

Singapore Airlines does not fly the iconic Boeing 747 aircrafts for passengers anymore. Their 747s are now only flying as cargo aircrafts. Above, registered as 9V-SFM, is one of them.

Plane Spotting Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747 HL7602 arriving from Seoul during sunrise
12 April 2023. Korean Air Cargo KE8363 approaching Singapore Changi Airport arriving from Seoul during sunrise. That’s a Boeing 747-4B5F(ER) registered as HL7602. Couldn’t bring Snoopy out with me this morning as he was still sleeping. Next time, buddy.
Plane Spotting EVA Air B-16722 Hello Kitty Shining Star Livery arriving from Taipei
9 April 2023. EVA Air sporting the Hello Kitty Shining Star livery approaching Changi Airport Singapore from Taipei under a hot midday sun. That’s flight BR225 using Boeing 777-36N(ER) aircraft registered as B-16722. When there are aircrafts with unique liveries arriving in Singapore, I will take the pictures of the aircrafts by itself first for my collection. When they come again next time, I will then hopefully have a “family photo” with the pixels, pedals and poodle. 🙂
Plane Spotting Air New Zealand All Black ZK-OKQ arriving from Auckland with a Haka dance
3 April 2023. Welcoming the Air New Zealand All Black ZK-OKQ with a Haka dance. I really love the All Black livery of Air New Zealand. It looks very cool in the sky. I hope it comes back under a nice blue sky next time. That’s flight NZ284 from Auckland using Boeing 777-319(ER.
Fun Plane Spotting Air Asia HS-CBB arriving from Bangkok Don Muang by Hendra Lauw
28 March 2023. It will be a while before my world record of javelin throw is broken. 😀 It took me a lot of tries with other aircrafts arriving this morning before I finally got one that I like. Yes, this is a very lucky photo. AirAsia flight FD359 from Bangkok Don Muang using Airbus A320-251N registered as HS-CBB.
Plane Spotting Qatar Airways A7-ALZ arriving from Doha
24 March 2023. Marshalling Qatar Airways sporting the Oneworld Livery QR942 (A7-ALZ) from Doha earlier this morning. I need better props next time. I need those big earmuffs in addition to my pingpong bats. 😀 That’s an Airbus A350-941.
A cycling photographer with his dog in the park during blue hour
23 March 2023. Blue hour after sunset at a small park near our home.
A cycling photographer with his dog under the morning sun in the park
8 March 2023. Getting our much needed sunlight and vitamin D after many rainy days.
Plane Spotting Scoot Pokemon 9V-OJJ arriving from Melbourne
27 February 2023. Catching Pokemon :D. That’s Scoot sporting the Pokemon livery arriving from Melbourne. It’s their flight TR19 using Boeing787-9 Dreamliner registered as 9V-OJJ. See below a more close-up photo of the aircraft taken on another day.
Plane Spotting Scoot Pokemon 9V-OJJ arriving from Sydney
Poodle bike and a photographer during sunset at Marina East Breakwater
12 September 2022. Sunset at Marina East Breakwater.
Plane spotting and cycling at East Coast Park
18 July 2022. East Coast Park.
Plane Spotting Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 9V-SKM arriving from London during sunrise
4 April 2022. Watching Singapore Airlines flight SQ317 arriving from London under a nice early morning sky. That’s an Airbus A380-841 registered as 9V-SKM.
Plane Spotting Singapore Airlines SQ331 arriving from Munich by Hendra Lauw
27 March 2022. Singapore Airlines SQ331 arriving from Munich. That’s an Airbus A350-941 registered as 9V-SML.
Plane Spotting FedEx FX6025 arriving from Guangzhou by Hendra Lauw 20220325
25 March 2022. Ready Set Go!!! Let’s see who can deliver the parcels faster. 😀 That’s FedEx flight FX6025 arriving from Guangzhou. It’s a Boeing 767-3S2F registered as N101FE.
Plane Spotting Emirates EK9340 arriving from Dubai by Hendra Lauw
23 March 2022. Emirates EK9340 arriving from Dubai. That’s their Boeing 777-36N(ER) registered as A6-ECO.
Photographer Dog and Bike At East Coast Breakwater
3 December 2021. East Coast Park.

I wanted to recreate the scene in Korean drama Goblin episode 1 when Ji Eun Tak met Goblin at Jumunjin beach breakwater. Couldn’t find a similar location in Singapore, but I am happy with this.

A man his dog and bike during sunset at Marina East Breakwater
1 December 2021. A Korean-drama-Goblin-inspired photoshoot of us at Marina East Breakwater during sunset.

How do you like this movie poster? I like to make these just for fun.

Goblin-inspired movie poster by Hendra Lauw Pixels Pedals and Poodle
Photographer and his bike and poodle
East Coast Park, 27 April 2021.
Plane spotting under the dark clouds at East Coast Park, 4 May 2021.
Watching sunset at Changi Beach, 16 May 2021.
Sunset at Changi Beach, 16 May 2021.
East Coast Park, 17 May 2021.
An in-camera double exposure shot of us and the moon. It was on Tuesday, 25 May 2021, one day before the Vesak Day’s supermoon.
A photographer with his bike and his poodle at East Coast Park Singapore
East Coast Park, 11 June 2021. My wife packed a raincoat for our poodle. The weather has been unpredictable lately. Good thing it didn’t rain, but since I had it, I might as well used it as a prop for our pitstop photoshoot. 😀
Sunset at East Coast Park, 18 June 2021.
A pleasant morning ride at East Coast Park, 19 June 2021.
A photographer and his poodle cycling at Changi Beach Singapore
Changi Beach, 23 June 2021.
Singapore photographer and his dog at Changi Beach during sunset
Changi Beach, 23 June 2021.