That candid photo of your family

Don’t you love that candid, no-staging photo of your child when you happen to have your camera with you? I was going through my archives and found these photos of my daughter, resting on her mom’s chest and when she was playing with her while we were waiting for the traffic light to cross the road, almost three years ago. I love them!

As the photographer in the house, I have tons of photos of my daughter with her mom, be it posed or candid. It’s always wonderful to look at them again and again. I am the memory keeper in the house. So, dads and moms out there, use your cameras, whatever you have with you, and capture the moments your family spend together. Don’t wait for that planned studio shoot. Those not-so-technically-perfect photos are those that will bring back lots of memories in the future.

Candid family photography
Singapore family photographer - Hendra Lauw

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