Garden and Hawker Center family photoshoot

I shot this family couple weeks ago. They came from Hong Kong and spent few days in Singapore for their family vacation. We started the outdoor shoot in the morning, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and we only ended up spending about 20 minutes shooting. We made an appointment to shoot again in the late afternoon during their dinner at the East Coast Park Lagoon hawker center. So, enjoy the photos of them queuing for the famous satay bee hoon, BBQ chicken wing and the fun time they had at the hawker center.

Hawker centre family photoshoot
Hawker centre family photoshoot
Hawker centre family photoshoot

And by the way, in case you haven’t known, I am humbly sharing the good news that my other photography blog,, won the Singapore Best Photography Blog Award 2010. Thank you all for the supports.

3 thoughts on “Garden and Hawker Center family photoshoot”

  1. when I see this picture..all I can say…wooowww…..

    all of this picture is very really get their expression, so natural and I believe all of us that see your picture can feel the love that shared in this family….

    always keep the amazing work


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