Lego and Man-U

I photographed this lovely family yesterday morning. We started early as her mom told me that the boys were usually at their best in the morning.

While waiting for them to get ready, I was accompanied by the eldest in the living room and he proudly showed me his lego sets and what he has built on the table.

He then invited me to go upstairs where he showed me his other collection of lego. That was when his younger brother woke up and got out of the room. He brought with him a pair of glasses for his brother. Very sweet of him.

Aren’t they good looking brothers?

I was then invited to shoot in the bedroom where their youngest brother was still sleeping. Their baby brother continued to sleep peacefully despite the noises and the kisses from his big bros.

and then he woke up and did a little stretching.

The big brothers continued to play in the bedroom.

ok … the last image above may not be chosen as the final set for them to keep. Blame it to me for the chopped head and the blurred picture. But, I just love this one. The chopped head just says that the eldest can jump higher. The blurred picture just says that they really jumped. What an excuse, Hendra … but seriously I love this.

Sweet tender kiss and love from the big bro.

After a family picture session in the bedroom and living room, we left for the Botanical Garden for an outdoor shoot. And oh by the way, before that, I was entertained by the two big bros who danced to the Black Eyed Peas’ I Gotta Feeling and Boom Boom Pow. They were so cute.

The weather was too hot at the Botanical Garden, so I had to work fast and took as much as I could before everybody became too uncomfortable especially the boys. We did some family shots and the two big bros finally got the chance to play football. Their favorite club is Manchester United by the way.

Thank you all for the great day. Take care. xoxo.

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