Among the trees – Singapore Outdoor Family Photographer

I always ask myself how much I want to post process an image. The truth is it depends on the image and the mood I want to achieve. Different colours of clothes may influence me to edit the images differently. I do not restrict myself to using only one particular style of post processing. There is nothing wrong with having a consistent style of images, by the way. I just want to be free. There are times I reduce or increase the contrast, lower or increase the saturation, make an image warmer or cooler, lift the black point up on the curve, etc.

But there is always one thing I always try to achieve in my images, which is to keep the skin tone as neutral as possible. Yes, sometimes I do play with colour tint a bit, but it’s not my dominant way of post processing. At least for now.

So, have fun and have a great mid week, everyone. A couple days of rest before the late night football matches start again.  🙂

Singapore outdoor family photographer.

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