2019 Annular Solar Eclipse

We had Annular Solar Eclipse in Singapore yesterday, 26 December 2019.

I came down to shoot a little late, so I missed some shots at the start of the eclipse. Then I realized I needed my strong ND filter, so I went back up to get it and missed some shots again.

I wanted the sun to be not over-exposed or even not just completely white, so the ND filter helped. Without the ND filter, using my camera’s fastest shutter speed of 1/8000 sec, smallest aperture of my lens, f/22 and lowest ISO, the sun was still over-exposed. It’s completely white with no texture at all. My ND filter helped to bring the exposure down three stops.

I shot until the end of the eclipse and had a lot more images, but for this collage, I purposely chose those that have clouds passing by covering the sun a bit, so to have more texture in the photos.

The next one visible from Singapore will be in 2063.

2019 Annular Solar Eclipse

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