The Sea, Sand, Wind and The Messy Hair

Ending 2019 with my own family photoshoot at East Coast Park two days ago. Shot by me, my daughter and Mr. Tripod.

2019 is a difficult year for me. Heaven has a new kind soul earlier this year. It’s my mom. She joined my dad who left us 23 years ago. It’s painful for me and it will always be. There are things I can’t accept yet, but time may heal this. She left her two beautiful granddaughters whom she dearly loved.

Business wise, though it’s okay, many things did not happen as how I wanted or planned. I look forward to doing things differently in 2020. But I did get to shoot in Malaysia at the beginning of the year. I had three family photoshoots there and all turned out great. I love all the three sessions.

I also shot a lot of personal work using film cameras in the second half of the year. It’s expensive nowadays to shoot film, the cheapest roll is around $6. But I still love it. Probably more than when I started photography on film in early 2000. I sent one of my film cameras, the Minolta CLE, for servicing and it’s working perfectly again now. Love it!

Now, back to this photoshoot. It was already 6:30pm when we arrived at the location. The sun hid behind the thick dark clouds and it’s very windy though the lighting was very soft, which I like. The sun continued to hide until it went down below the horizon, so I did not get the sunset backdrop that I initially wanted. But I love the session. Together, we managed to shoot ourselves well. My daughter did the part for me and my wife, I did the part for her and my wife and my trusty Gitzo tripod did the part for all of us.

So, if I don’t get to post again, wishing you all a very happy new year in 2020. Stay happy and healthy.

Singapore East Coast Park Family Photoshoot

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