Children and Family Photo Shoot in Hong Kong and Manila

A kind soul in Hong Kong is now working on getting some photo sessions for children and family set up for me in Hong Kong. No confirmation yet on the number of families and timing, but I just can’t help to feel grateful when a total stranger is willing to help you expand. To the kind souls in Singapore, you know who you are, thanks for all the helps you have given me so far too.

I am also working on getting some sessions set up in Manila. So, if you are in these two locations and are interested, do contact me.

To those in Singapore, don’t forget the special offer for Mother’s Day from now until 31 May 2010. Check out the Special Offer section on the upper left corner.

For now, here are some photos from my previous photo shoot that I have not been able to post until now. The morning light that day was just as wonderful as this family.

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  1. Hello, just wonder can you shoot at my house & garden for my family? We are living in Tung Chung, there will be 2 kids, 1.5 & 5 yrs old and my husband.



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