The Sylvanian

I have been behind on blogging my latest photos. Been busy finishing up some albums for my clients from previous photo shoots. Glad that some are out of the way now and am waiting for the finished products to come back.

This one is a little different than majority of my photos here that you have seen, but hey … you know very well that the memory of your kids’ childhood does not have to be photographed outdoor. This is my daughter, Nina, playing with her Sylvanian Families toys in our living room.

I have got some requests for a photo shoot in Manila, but unfortunately I do not have enough number of confirmed families yet to justify a trip and to bring down the cost for you, so if you are in Manila and are interested to have a family photo shoot with me, write to me and hopefully I can arrange something for you all. Thank You and take care everyone!

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  2. Hi Hen,

    Gua temennya Rany. Kita tinggal di singapore, caribbean condo.

    Mau tanya tanya paket foto dong. Pengen foto di botanical garden rencananya sih.

    Thanks ya




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